Our Solutions

Case Study: A division of a $20.0 billion (sales) publicly-traded manufacturer was plagued for years by stagnant revenues and declining margins. We devised a sales force compensation program that promoted and reinforced the desired behaviors and helped turn around the division’s financials.

Case Study: A series of related tax-exempt foundations and trusts required the fulltime (over 60 hours weekly) attention of one executive, who was compensated by only one organization. We designed a compensation plan, taking into consideration not merely his compensation as an executive but also as an investment manager for the organizations, as well as rewarding him for his efforts as an agent for the sale of a Major League Baseball team. This was accomplished in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service’s “intermediate sanctions” regulations.

Case Study: A high technology company’s executive suite had been regularly raided by its competition. We responded with an executive compensation package that stemmed the tide and actually saw the return of a previously lost executive.

Case Study: An oil and gas company needed to both educate its senior management and foreign owners on, and bring its executive and board compensation into compliance with, provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. We tutored the firm and designed a plan providing rewards clearly in alignment with the best interests of all stakeholders.

Case Study: A mutual insurance company required a long-term compensation plan which did not rely the use of stock or options. We developed a performance unit plan for both executives and board members which not only passed muster with the state’s insurance commissioner but which directly promoted the successful growth of the company.