Board of Directors Compensation

OCG provides clients with independent, rigorous, and innovative approaches for evaluating, designing, and implementing compensation programs covering their boards of directors.

We don’t suggest that board compensation mirror that for an enterprise’s executives. After all, the board must keep the company’s mission and values in mind and so primarily focuses upon the firm’s long-range financial trajectory. Unfortunately, much of board compensation overlooks the long term.

We have served our board clients (public and closely-held) in addition to assisting them with the compensation of their executives, we have also assisted them with director compensation programs which:

  • Employ a blend of:

    • Retainer
    • Chairman’s fee
    • Meeting fee
    • Committee fee
    • Committee chair fee
    • Incentive

  • Compel board members to become equity stakeholders in the companies they serve, by mandating:

    • Holdings and
    • Retention periods

  • Reward board members with long-term incentive compensation dependent upon corporate performance.